Pontchartrain Club

Pontchartrain Club started out as a coach, built by the Pullman Company in 1917 for the Illinois Central Railroad.  After World War II, the IC sought to modernize its trains, and modified the car at Burnside Shops into a parlor-drawing room car for use on The Daylight, a fast train from Chicago to St. Louis.  At that time the car was named Mark Beaubien and was numbered 3310.  Mark Beaubien was one of the founders of the City of Chicago, and ran the well-known Sauganash Tavern.  He owned the land under what is now the Chicago Loop.  After serving on The Daylight and other fine Illinois Central trains including the Panama Limited, the car was withdrawn from service in 1970 and converted to a classroom car for training Illinois Central employees.  Sold into private ownership in 1986, the car was remodeled into its current configuration of one master room (with shower), two double bedrooms, kitchen and lounge-observation.

In a 1952 upgrade program, the car received new, premium trucks (suspension and wheels, or bogies for our British friends) which give the car the best possible ride quality at speeds up to 110 mph.

Pontchartrain Club can be found on High Iron trips and is available for charter, either as a stand-alone car to move on an Amtrak train, or as part of a special train set.  Please contact us for more information.


Pontchartrain ClubClub Diagram